EP Review: Baby In Vain – For The Kids


Confidence oozes sex appeal. For Baby In Vain, their sex appeal comes in the form of their For The Kids EP, released on Partisan Records.

Seductive vocals take complete control of the situation, guiding you through a territory of beefy grunge-based lyricism which forms in to the shape of five tracks destined for serious reign over the alternative genre. Complete with distortion and glitches, the Copenhagen trio grab you by the balls and fight for every bit of your attention whilst singing angelically, trying to convince you of their innocence that looms behind the thick raucous mist.

Opening track, ‘Martha’s View’, plays dirty. It’s sludgy like a primary school dinner, but it seems so perfect like anything Warpaint would put out, hiding their real personalities but developing a devilish persona that intensifies as the extended play goes on. Playing with tempo and volume, Baby In Vain control everything from your thoughts to your emotion, causing a sense of hysteria in your mind that fucks with you and plays with every part of your body. The overpowering noise turns into an overwhelming sense of disobedience like some school kids have just turned the school disco in to a real horror show, but something that is completely enjoyable in its own way.

There’s eerie guitar playing in ‘Worthwhile’ which creates a haunting, formidable effect across the release and continues to hang around in the background like you’re being stalked every second of the way. It’s an extremely strong EP that experiments with the dark shadow of grunge, and layers it with an intense appeal of lust and avidness.

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