Art-pop duo FLIIIS behold a concoction of haunting tracks, and their newest release MAKE ME CRY x FUGA x DAZE BLVD, out January 21, carries on this tradition, being executed with a fine attention to detail.

‘MAKE ME CRY’ screams 80’s new wave. It plays out a lighthearted and carefree performance, but if you pay closer attention there is a self-tormenting battle going on underneath all this, mirrored in the lyrics and the sharp pangs of the synth. The EP progresses into ‘FUGA’, a short spoken word piece that acts as a suiting transcend into final track ‘DAZE BLVD’.

Described by FLIIIS as “a tale of that same tormented mind when it misses the thing that torments it so”, ‘DAZE BLVD’ is no finer example of when music truly becomes a piece of art. There is however no pretence about it at all. There’s a lot going on with more spoken dialogue, rhythmic trance melodies and synths; the list goes on and yet at the same time they still reflect a sedative and restful state in defiance of the true agony stirring underneath.

As a whole the EP has a sound similar to the new The 1975 album – experimental and totally hyponotising. They manage however to add that personal inspiration into the mix that gives it an extra shimmer.


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