Did anybody know Frank Ocean was going to drop his album on the same day that Middle Distance will release the Dahlia EP? It’s a threatening situation for anybody, but luckily the four-track release by the Bucks-based band appeals to a different kettle of fish.

This. This is the perfect extended play for any alternative-rock fan. It’s an untainted, matchless set of tunes that highlights why these four boys are going to become one of the most exciting troops around, and then adds upon that. It has the emotion of American Football and Basement and captures the rawness that profoundly brings every inch of attention to the heart of their music. It feels like a turning point for the quartet and a huge one at that. Reshaping their sound ever so slightly makes it all feel polished off and ready to tell the world that Middle Distance are ready to play the game.

With a mix of heart-felt melodies and classic alt-rock anthems, the Dahlia EP offers a distinct range of music ability and lyricism; “I feel like searching for an exit” Patrick unleashes on to us during ‘Coming of Age’ which sells the idea their music is hitting a certain level of maturity and, cleverly, sits comfortably with the idea that the band’s ability in creating music is reaching a personal high for them. The title track continues to depict the suggestion that this release is a milestone and things are changing, if it means them leaving things behind. Something feels extremely conflicting about this EP; an emotional goodbye but also a welcome to what the future is holding for a four-piece who, quite rightly, deserve a lot of success. It’s celebratory, it’s sad, it’s everything you want this genre of music to be.

If we’re going to do anything, we’re going to applaud Middle Distance. The Dahlia EP holds something momentous and it’s cemented the idea that Patrick, Calvin, Tim and Alex are all ready to unleash something even more spectacular.


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