“We sold out the fucking Leadmill!” Lead singer Izzy Baxter screamed, grinning to the venue packed with adoring fans. It was clear why the show sold out.

As the lights dimmed and the Brighton four-piece took to the stage the crowd erupted into screams and cheers.

Opening with ‘Only Hurt the Ones I Love’ Black Honey warmed up the crowd but lost a little momentum. This all changed as soon as the band played their next track ‘Madonna’ which saw the crowd break from a nodding trance-like state, to opening up a crater-like mosh-pit which nearly spanned the width of floor.

From then on, the energy in the room was supreme and the crowd lapped up song after song. More and more people joined in the pit of beaming teens, bouncing around in a whirlwind that kept on growing. Dancing arm-in-arm and bellowing every word back of fan favourite ‘Dig,’ the atmosphere was infectious.

The band were all feeling the same way; smiles painted on their faces. Izzy slowed the tempo down at the end of the track. “Wow. Sheffield, you’re going to make the other cities on this tour really hard to beat,” she exclaimed.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Black Honey were from the Deep South of the US rather than the south coast of the UK. Their guitars swarm and wrap around the crowd with intense, dirty riffs and emotive vocals. Every track tells its own story and you’re left wanting more.

We were treated to another incredible moment when Izzy announced that the band’s debut album will be released in September proceeding to showcase a new track, ‘Midnight’. The audience embraced the track and picked up the lyrics quickly. By the end, everyone was singing the chorus back to an elated band who thanked the crowd for their unrelenting support.

Throughout the show, Izzy had a way of enchanting the crowd, she even requested everyone to kneel before her as she stood on the barrier. The crowd obliged, worshipping her like a goddess as she sang to a room that was completely under her spell.

Nobody wanted the set to end, but Black Honey ended on a high with ‘Corrine’. The grooving melody and Izzy’s crooning vocals lit up The Leadmill for the final song which left fans chanting “one more tune!” until the lights came up.

Black Honey are definitely a band to keep on your radar. They’ve gone from strength to strength this year and the release of their debut album is sure to set them soaring even higher.


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