Displaying buckets of confidence and Mancunian spirit to an eager crowd at The Leadmill, it is clear that Blossoms have bloomed into big-league indie performers.

Not the kind to make a small entrance, the five-piece from Stockport arrived on stage after a seemingly endless light display, synced to the beat of Kanye’s ‘Black Skinhead’. A peculiar entrance song to play, particularly to a crowd which consisted of a large quantity of middle aged men. The kind of middle aged men who wear nothing but polo shirts, and chant “Manchester-la-la-la” at, every. Single. Opportunity.

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Opener ‘At Most a Kiss’ kicked the proceedings off in style. Despite only coming to prominence last year, the band are slick and controlled, as though they have released three albums and been on multiple large tours. Front man Tom Odgen is nothing new. He is the epitome of an indie band member, long hair, and skinny clothes, but this is a reason why Blossoms are so popular; they deliver crowd pleasing music with catchy melodies and sing-along lyrics without the need for extravagance.

Becoming so big, after just one album can evidently have its issues live however. Forgetting the words to the acoustic single ‘My Favourite Room’ left the crowd doing the singing word perfect. This could have made for an awkward atmosphere but was joked away after Odgen blamed it on the oddly-timed crowd surfer, stating “He put me off crowd-surfing to ‘My Favourite Room’, who does that?” With such little material however, they resorted to concluding the song with a cover of Oasis’ ‘Half the World Away’ much to the delight of the polo-wearing middle aged men.

‘Charlemagne’ having been intensively promoted by BBC Radio 1, was the finale, as it was certain to be, but the band chose to repeat the chorus of ‘Blow’, before leaving the stage. Not many bands could have gotten away with that kind of move so easily but Blossoms are noticeably self-assured despite their open modesty.


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