Eliza And The Bear are not the most famous up and coming indie band, but the fan base they have accumulated have proven to be extremely loyal. The London five-piece plan to drop their self-titled debut album in April this year, and it would seem that their devotees know every song. Their catchy folk-pop blend, and their engagement with the crowd combined with their extensive use of social media have captivated a huge teenage audience.

The band begin swiftly with ‘Lion’s Heart’ a catchy pop song, full of cliché metaphors and bouncy hooks. In spite of the conventional folk lyrics: “you’ve got a lion’s heart and you’ve got to find itthe majority of the crowd eagerly sing along word for word. Lead singer, James Kellegher and guitarist Martin Dukelow are keen to get the audience clapping along, and motion the gesture throughout the set. Constantinteraction makes for a very intimate gig, with the expected encouragement of waving phone-lights and a ‘Happy Birthday’ interlude. The band had previously shared a stage with Viola beach and small tribute was made to the late indie band. This didn’t affect the positive energy and fun which Eliza And The Bear seem so effortlessly able to deliver to the crowd.

Tracks such as ‘Light it up’ offer little in terms of originality, especially lyrically yet they are performed smoothly. They finish with ‘It Gets Cold’ a popular highlight of the gig. The band proceed to sign t-shirts and take numerous selfies with eager fans. This genuine ambition to please their loyal fans is a substantial component to Eliza And The Bear’s current success. Whether they have the ingredients to develop this into something bigger is more questionable.

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