For the past two years, Spanish four-piece Hinds have been touring relentlessly around the world, spreading their unique and upbeat sound like wildfire. From the release of their debut album, Leave Me Alone, Hinds have soared in popularity with a string of illustrious UK shows to round off 2016 – prior to which, the all-girl band packed out the NME tent at Reading Festival.

Kicking off the evening was Sweat, essentially a glorified electronic reincarnation of Fat White Family. Nonetheless, the music was good – a particular highlight being their latest single ‘PLW VIP’ – and was something you’d find yourself dancing along to in a tent at Reading Festival in the early hours. Up next was the ever-present Magic Gang hailing from Brighton. If you’re remotely clued up on the new wave of indie acts, you’ll know The Magic Gang, and you’ll know the unanimous adoration of their sun-kissed melodies and sincere EPs. A short but sweet set was delivered, including the indie anthem that is ‘No Fun’, alongside some newer tracks like ‘All This Way’.

Support acts out of the way, it was time for the Spaniards to dominate the stage of a venue perfectly positioned between being just the right level of intimate, and being big enough for you to actually move about and enjoy the show. Beginning their biggest ever show, Hinds induced wall to wall dancing and jumping after plunging straight into ‘Warning With the Curling’ and ‘Trippy Gum’. A selection of album tracks were slotted in between, with ‘Warts’, ‘San Diego’, and ‘Fat Calmed Kiddos’ all being met with goose bump inducing singalongs.

Taking things down a notch, guitarist and singer Ana García Perrote introduced the heartfelt ode ‘When It Comes To You’, with a sea of swaying arms being all you could see. After this, Hinds rattled through a tale about a visit to a Bristol garden centre and their purchase of (you guessed it) bamboo, before giving the crowd a new lease of life by unleashing ‘Bamboo’. Rounding off a triumphant set in the capital, Hinds incited yet another singalong of some classic Beatles tracks, before diving into ‘Castigadas en el granero’ and inducing absolute pandemonium prior to promptly disappearing off stage.

Two songs and an interlude later, Hinds cemented their cult-like status with ease as the beautifully small crowd cheered and spectated with complete devotion. This massive headline gig in London felt more like a celebration of a journey to success, rather than another stop on a rip roaring tour. Hinds threw their own party, on their own terms, and delivered nothing less than an evening of good old fashioned fun.

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