Hinds have just concluded their UK leg of their tour and are now venturing out into mainland Europe. Our resident Hinds superfan, Caitlin Shentall, witnessed their penultimate UK show at Leadmill in Sheffield. Here is her full account of the night’s proceedings.

Full disclosure: I bloody love Hinds. The all-female Spanish four piece released their triumphant second album last April which laid bare their insecurities and I was eager to watch the new tunes come to life on stage. Their slightly rough-around-the-edges sound is what makes them brilliant but it can sometimes also be their downfall.

Having been slightly let down when I saw them last, I was ready to approach their latest outing with an open mind. But this time round, they reminded me exactly why I hold them in such high esteem.

Hinds appeared on stage full of smiles before smacking beaming smiles onto everyone in attendance. Starting with a roaring ‘Soberland’, the bands desire to ensure we were all having a fantastic time seemed only to grow. Their lo-fi sound helped provide their performance with an aura of spontaneity. As an audience member it almost felt like you were sitting in on four mates having the best jam of their lives.

A sense of camaraderie stringed together the songs. Before blasting out ‘Tester’, the band explained how the song explores being cheated on and the crowd erupted in solidarity with their experience. Shouting out its focal line, ‘Should I have known before you were also banging her?’, young women in the audience used the song to push their way to the front of the crowd, jumping ecstatically in unison with the band. 

The band were full of movement which brought their surfy tunes alive. During ‘Caribbean Moon’, the band’s bassist (Ade Martin) and two guitarists (Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote) form a line, thrusting their chests forwards and backwards in unison whilst they shred through the song.  

The crowd-pleasing moments just kept coming. At one point, Carlotta Cosials climbed her way through the crowd before dancing on top of the venue’s bar. Towards the end of the gig, the band performed a cover of The Clash classic ‘Spanish Bombs’. Covering punk heroes The Clash was a glove-like fit for a band who’d brought unforgettable energy to the stage for the last hour.

More than anything, Hinds embody fun. Despite a relentless tour schedule, constant lack of sleep, and some difficult bouts of bad luck over the past few years, they managed to make their Sheffield show feel like a joyful crowning moment. The band mentioned having had just a couple of hours sleep, but you would never have known. Injecting their tunes with delightful energy, this one stop on their endless string of dates was simply magnificent. No doubt they’ll be back in the UK as soon as they can, and quite frankly, you’d be a fool to miss out.

¡Viva Hinds!


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