With a set that comprised of every song from the new album Babes Never Die, combined with a few golden oldies from the their 2014 debut album, Honeyblood made it clear in Oxford that this is the beginning of a bold new chapter for the band.

Opening their set with repeated witch-like chants of “never die”, Stina and Kat took to the stage to play through a viscous rendition of their recent single ‘Ready For The Magic’, immediately followed by the impressive ‘Love Is A Disease’ which featured drummer Kat constantly playing drum fills in parallel with a full bass line trigged from a sample pad named Seb (who you can actually follow on Twitter at @honeybloodseb).

Older tracks including ‘Choker’ were greeted like an old friend from the crowd and the extensive touring Honeyblood have done over the last few years has clearly payed off as each song sounds near-perfect in a live environment.

Highlights include a flawless performance of ‘Hey Stellar’ which discusses a friendship that has gone sour, and the album closer ‘Gangs’ which showcases Stina’s upbringing in Glasgow. Some of the quieter moments in the set come from ‘Cruel’ and ‘Walking At Midnight’ both of which add diversity to the pace of the gig and shows one of the many sides of the duo’s song writing ability.

The on-stage chat from the pair discussed how Oxford was home to the dictionary, and subsequently their favourite words, as well as the inspiration for their ‘Sea Hearts’ music video which uses a sea monster from an old Scottish story. A lovely touch was also the fully improvised and genuinely catchy song about their friend Hazel who was selling Honeyblood merchandise after the show.

The final trio of songs ‘Babes Never Die’, ‘Super Rat’ and ‘Killer Bangs’ provide huge sing along moments to the their classic tracks and future single. A breathtaking show and for a band relatively early in their career, there is no doubt that this is only the start of things to come.

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