In early September James Vincent McMorrow released his third album, We Move. Here McMorrow has drifted away from the comfortable indie folk to a more pop yet elegant style. The Colston Hall set was a mix of new songs, interspersed with old hits from the more classic Early in the Morning and Post Tropical.

Beginning with a popular track, ‘Red Dust’, McMorrow immediately captured the entire audience’s attention before moving to his latest releases – the more upbeat, electronic ‘I Lie Awake Every Night’ and ‘One Thousand Times’ – a contrast to the later tracks from Early in the Morning. James Vincent McMorrow’s powerful and emotive voice filled Colston Hall as he performed old favourites such as ‘Higher Love’ as well as a particularly striking solo performance of ‘Lost Angles’, the final track on his new album which saw a return to McMorrow’s soft, indie style –  he held the audience captive with the pure emotion in his voice.

Despite the more pop feel of the new album, McMorrow still kept the gig feeling intimate and more stripped back despite the large venue size. With just four back singers/instrumentalists and a basic yet effective light display, the audience was able to focus primarily on McMorrow and so nothing detracted from the raw feeling of the music. Throughout the gig, McMorrow kept talking to a minimum but reminisced about his early gigs which took place at Colston Hall with Tracy Chapman.

The set was brought to a close with an encore of two favourites, ‘If I Had a Boat’ and ‘Cavalier’, which captured the mood and atmosphere of the whole gig and James Vincent McMorrow’s strong comeback with this new record.