If there is anything to learn from watching King Nun live, it is that their legs bear no boundaries, given that two members managed at least 40 high kicks in the space of an hour – one while dressed in a suit and tie. And this is just the start of the unexpected, ecstatic behaviour you can expect to witness when going to see this rebellious four piece.

It’s hard to believe that such a dynamic energy could be birthed from the middle class boroughs of South London, but Theo, James, Nathan and Caius built their rock and roll in the affluent area of Richmond, and brought it heavy to Kentish Town Forum.

These twenty somethings may be fresh faced but by no means are they bashful in their performance, racing across the stage in a frenzy of captivating energy, wild noise, and a lot of hair. And legs of course.

This tour sees them promote their dark debut, Mass, released earlier this month. The album fluctuates from sad aggression in ‘Mascara Runs’, to gentler moments like ‘I Saw Blue’, and hilarious commentary in ‘Sharing A Head With Seth’ – all while exploring the demands of toxic masculinity.

Lead singer, Theo Polyzoides jokingly tells the crowd to “grab your partner” for a “romantic one”, before hurling into another heavy hitter. ‘Bug’ is a firm favourite from the new album, slowly crawling up their Spotify’s most popular streams.

Vocals were occasionally off, but this is unsurprising given Polyzoides’ erratic behaviour, which only grew as the performance went on. Tops were off for the final tracks of the set, and Polyzoides smeared his face and body with lipstick before an amp dive, a race through the crowd, and finally (you guessed it) a guitar-smash. Cringeworthy? Possibly, but it left an impression for sure.

This year saw the boys precede Foo Fighters, and with such an immediate stage presence as displayed here at Kentish Town, it doesn’t seem unrealistic to see them performing on such bigger stages more frequently as they progress. Bring your earplugs, it’s going to be a mad one – the future for King Nun looks (and sounds) royally exciting.

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