The former Leeds students returned to the city to help celebrate 20 years of Mint Club as part of the venue’s hot line up of final shows.

Chris Davids and Liam Ivory have rose to great success since their uni days. They have two hugely successful albums under their belt (2018’s Kingdoms of Colour reaching our top 20 of the year) and have also gone on to remix for the likes of Lana Del Rey and to tour internationally.

Mint Club with over two decades of clubbing history has transformed into one of the hottest clubs in the UK. The club was a regular spot for the Maribou State duo during university. It has even been voted in the top 100 in the world by DJ Mag.

“The club has served the music scene in Leeds exceptionally well and the brand resonates beyond the city walls,” the duo told The Gryphon before their ‘End of an Era’ set.

Supported by Mint Club’s own Foz, and proceeded by the incredible Prospa past 3am – Maribou State were sandwiched perfectly for one of the pinnacle nights of the club’s closure.

As they arrived on stage the night was already wild. Anticipation was high and equally were most of the crowd. The arrival of the pair only spiked the night’s euphoria.

It was all smiles from the duo as they returned to the familiar club. It was clear the night was a rush of nostalgia for them – returning to a beloved club on the other side of the decks can only be a golden feeling.

The set was intertwined with the best of the duo’s original material and remixes. Early tracks always sent a wave of excitement surging through the crowd. But it was the Kingdom of Colour tracks that elevated the night. Much like the wavy LED lights of Mint Club’s ceiling, the tracks were kaleidoscopic and filled the night with a hypnotic sense of ecstasy.

‘Nervous Tics’ featuring the vocals of Maribou State’s frequent collaborator Holly Walker was the night’s highlight. A rush from the smoking area to be in the room for the track was noticeable.

While the venue itself with its minimal decor (and fairly pricey bar) screams luxury, the atmosphere throughout the night was far from conceited. There was plenty of interaction with the crowd and behind the DJ’s were a mass of people. It was almost as though this was just one rowdy house party for a pair of mates returning from some mad gap year.

The night continued in style with Prospa sustaining the energy. As the lights faded and the memories became blurry this ‘End of Era’ show was by no means solemn. It was sensational – a single swan song in a string of epic performances before the club bows out.


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