Australian singer and multi instrumentalist Matt Corby walked out on the Kentish Town stage for the second time on his incredibly anticipated ‘Rainbow Valley’ tour – which has been long-awaited by fans. 

With a fascinating stage presence and his talented band, he was able to catch the audience’s attention with just a few notes of the ethereal ‘Light My Dart Up’. The track is the first song from his latest album Rainbow Valley, chosen also as the song to kick-start the night with.

The show did not ignite too eagerly. Corby simply sat at the keyboard but soon moved onto the drums positioned in the centre of the stage, singing with ease and occasionally throwing a glance to the crowd. 

The much-loved single, ‘Brother’, propelled the gig in a positive direction. While his stage persona did not come out that much in the first half, he engaged more with the crowd and seemed more immersed in his music for the second half. 


Standing up with his guitar, he walked around the stage taking in the view of the sold-out concert on the opposite side of the world to his home town. With a grin on his face, he delivered angelic vocals and emotional performances of songs like ‘Resolution’ – a highlight of the night and ‘Souls A’fire’, which particularly showed-off his band’s skills along with his own. 

Corby walked back on stage for the encore and the night’s finale – the beautiful and tear-jerking ‘Miracle Love’, where he got closer to the crowd and encouraged everyone to sing-along.

Rainbow Valley, released last November is his most mature and complete set of work so far. This tour has been the proof that his music is not the only thing that has changed. He is no longer the long-haired, shy man with a guitar in hand who struggles with the crowd anymore. He is a father, a performer, and a man with extreme potential. Sure, he could work a little bit more on his stage presence, but he never fails to move his fan’s hearts. 

Words and photos: Silvia Pellegrino

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