Oscar’s breed of infectious indie pop proved the perfect antidote to the impending autumn at the Leeds stop on his latest tour.

The ever impressive, always exciting Girli is on support duty. For any who haven’t encountered her before, the best way to describe her is perhaps a sugar pumped, all pink, super punk version of the voice inside your head – except while your internal voice is inside your head, Girli’s is most certainly not. Joined by DJ Kitty (her partner in crime, particularly useful for dance routines and carefully choreographed fight scenes), we’re fired through a no-holds-barred rap-pop numbers. It’s brutal and poignant all at once – and although at times it almost feels like a parody it’s most predominant feature is how genuine it is. Her loyal squad of arm-waving, middle finger-brandishing fans are there alongside her, while the rest of the audience appears slightly bemused, that bit too self-conscious to commit to the tirade.


By now we’re ready for some straight up guitar-pop – as Oscar takes to the stage, sunglasses on head, orange Hawaiian shirt-clad, it takes a little while to warm up, but as soon as Girli pops back on stage for her guest verse on the latest version of ‘Breaking My Phone’ the stage starts to sparkle. The easygoing, carefree energy sticks around for the remainder of the set. Snapshot details bring the songs to life – as he tells us about spotting a girl he wanted to kiss at new year being with someone else the audience murmur in pity, but it’s impossible to stay sad for long.

New track ‘Art School Antics’ is a highlight, alongside euphoric closer ‘Sometimes’, which proves enough to get the audience on stage by the end of the set, a testament to the kind of night it’s been. It just goes to show that sometimes a little bit of good old guitar pop is all it takes to restore the summer for an evening.

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Eleanor Weinel

English Literature and Portuguese student at the University of Leeds, Head of Music at Leeds Student Radio

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