On first hearing about Sea Girls, you could be forgiven for dismissing them as another indie band with four white boys and some guitars. However, their Live at Leeds performance proves why there is still plenty of room for them on the scene. The band loves performing, and their stage presence is infectious. You can’t help falling in love with the shamelessly indie-pop sound.

The band clearly just want their audience to have a good time. ‘Heavenly War’ and ‘Lost’ opened their set, both tracks are representative of the majority of their discography; songs that are determined to make you move.

It seems as though every member adores being in the limelight. When the lead vocalist Henry Camamile moves towards the crowd barrier, Andrew Dawson, the bassist, moves to take his place and ensures the flare of the performance doesn’t dim. A boring gig seems to be their biggest fear, and the Live at Leeds atmosphere certainly didn’t bring this worry to life.

They know their sound, and that sound is made up of fast tempos and catchy refrains, with a tiny hint of whimsicality mixed in. The songs are cohesive without being repetitive; lively without losing quality. The subtle, catchy variations to each song are what makes them unique and irresistible.

As the set drew to a close they played new music, such as ‘Forever’, but soon brought the energy back with hits like ‘Call Me Out’, to end the show on a high. This is epitome of what you sign up for when attending a Sea Girls gig: dance-along tunes and a lively crowd that will leave you lamenting that the set is over.

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