After the release of debut album Lush last June, Snail Mail embarked on a worldwide tour. And last Wednesday front-woman Lindsey Jordan and the band found themselves this side of the pond in a small pink room in Manchester.

Selling out the exciting new venue, YES, the band were met by a jam-packed audience. Each person in the crowd keen to experience this rising talent and fresh venue first hand.

Snail Mail is a project created by Lindsey Jordan, hailing from a Baltimore suburb. Walking onto the stage the band started jamming whilst Jordan set about fiddling with her guitar pedals and tunings.

Suddenly, the shimmery opening melody of ‘Heatwave’ cut through the air. Jordan’s raw, husky voice is a stark (yet complimentary) contrast to the sleepy, warm haze of her guitar chords. Everyone is hypnotised momentarily. Then, the song builds. Soon enough the whole room buzzes with energy.


The stage was cramped, and the crowd were just inches from the singer. For those standing at the back it must have been a struggle to catch a glimpse of the young band members. Despite this, Jordan had the whole room hanging on her every last word: “It just feels like the same party every weekend, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?” she says, and there’s a mutual sense of agreement across the crowd.

‘Pristine’, a stand-out single from Lush was a real highlight of the show. The crashing chorus was equally powerful. The hook is likely to stay in the minds of the bustling crowd –  soon to become a firm favourite for those who hadn’t already fallen in love with it before the gig.

Between songs, Jordan chats casually with the crowd and apologises for her “literally torn-to-shreds” vocals, and the fact that the set is nearly over. Her voice was noticeably raspier than on the record, but this was no issue for the set.


Finishing the penultimate track, the other band members rush off stage and leave Jordan to her own devices. Seamlessly she jumps into ‘Anytime’, the closing track from the debut. She captivates the entire room in an awestruck silence.

Her voice soared unapologetically between soft and loud, from subtle to desperate and the song finished with the 19-year-old setting her instrument down and humbly walking off stage.

An astonished audience applauded and cheered for some time after Jordan had bowed out. Snail Mail’s performance despite her vocal impairment left an lasting impression on the crowd – an impression going nowhere fast.

Words and Images: Megan Robinson

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