Live Review: Villagers at Sheffield Leadmill


Despite having recently toured last April’s Darling Arithmetic Villagers are back on the road in support of their latest release Where Have You Been All My Life?, featuring re-recorded tracks. The Irish five-piece, have adjusted their older material to form an intimate gig filled with delicate harmonies and impeccable vocals. 

After a subtle entrance and a small salute from frontman Conor O’Brien, the band open with ‘Memoir’ a distinct highlight from the recent release. This opening track highlights the impressive double-bass arrangements, and the impeccable synergy of the group.

Focusing on the band’s talent, rather than solely on O’Brien seems an imperative part of the show. The band are all individually introduced, and each song seems to emphasise a specific instrument like the horn, harp or the double-bass.  The tender more romantic songs evoke the biggest reaction in the crowd; hardly surprising considering the audience largely consists of swaying couples.

‘Occupy your mind’: arguably the catchiest single, is more uncomfortable with the gentle live treatment which is implemented and becomes a slight lull to the performance. A sincere rendition of Glen Campbell’s ‘Witchita lineman’ however, is beautifully delivered and kindles an influx of serenading lovers.

‘Courage’ closes the night, and is well anticipated by the audience now. The song that highlights the importance of loving yourself, is a safe yet earnest conclusion to a performance that boasts the accomplishments of union. This is epitomised by an assembled bow before exiting the stage.

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