At Home was released just prior to one of the hottest weekends of the year. With its chilled, breezy melodies Georgie’s debut album is an understated companion to these searing temperatures. The Mansfield singer-songwriter’s take on the ‘lockdown’ album is an incredibly intimate, emotional roller coaster discussing unrequited love, undying affection, and unforgiving memories of past relationships.

Aside from the previously released ‘Chasing Kites’, Georgie recorded the album at the home studio she completed during lockdown. This is reflected in the album’s title, as ever with the singer – she takes the no-nonsense approach.

Album opener ‘Company’ with its simple acoustic guitar, light sprinkling of piano chords and soft percussion, is a perfect tease of what is to follow. And what is to follow is a tale of someone looking for love in all of the wrong places, all translated through the medium of her incredible vocals.

‘Unrequited Love’ with its soft screams in the background, and subtle voicemail samples, flaunts an exciting production direction, moving away from the standard lo-fi sound of her previous work. In her lyrics you can feel the pain of rejection, but there is a real strength to her words, “Was it ever good enough? This time I’m giving up. It’s unrequited love,” she sings, not defeated but deflated. Georgie is expressing the importance of self-permission in moving on.

‘Chasing Kites’ highlights this new-found experimental production with a cyber-sounding intro. The track is soulfully uplifting, offering the beauty of missing out on a relationship that was clearly destined to go nowhere. “Still thinking of her, still thinking of you, and it’s already boring,” she shares through the beauty of hindsight.

With an emboldening message of hope and reassurance the album finishes with ‘Blue Waters’. The track is ambiguous as to whether Georgie has found the strength to move on entirely. “When this is all over, I’ll be crossing blue waters,” she sings. This could be referring a breakup or equally to the pandemic.

Even with the added production flare, Georgie’s voice remains the main feature to every track. Upbeat and optimistic, yet fatalistic and yearning, At Home, is a harrowing journey of love, loss and acceptance.

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Debbie Cannon

Music nut from Greater Manchester with an insatiable appetite for new music. Generally found at gigs in and around the north west. Three favourite bands: Sophie and the Giants, False Heads, and The Howl & The Hum

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